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15 Best Slader Alternatives | Potential Sites Like Slader (2021 GUIDE)



15 Best Slader Alternatives | Potential Sites Like Slader (2021 GUIDE)

Are you looking for Slader Alternatives or Sites Like Slader? We have comprehensively described potential alternatives to Slader and also, shared the whole controversies that happened with Slader.

A student’s true companion is their homework. Students and homework share a weird relationship. Sometimes best friends and mostly, each other’s worst enemies. In times like these, we often need a mediator to make peace. There are many educational sites like Slader that help students with their homework. However, the homework students get these days and the research work it requires is exhausting mentally.

The work fields are so vast that you can’t rely on just one website to help you with home assignments. So are there any other options available apart from Slader? We believe students should get the freedom to compare to have access to the best educational resources. That is why we have curated this article, here we bring you some of the best Slader alternatives. Read ahead, make the comparison, and choose the website that works best for you!

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Slader Alternatives | What Is Slader?

Before we can enlighten you with the Slader alternatives, we should know what Slader is and how it works. Here we would answer all your queries, confusions, and concerns regarding Slader. We can see all the students getting excited so let’s move ahead with the journey of solving your homework problem.

Slader was founded in 2009 by the efforts of Kyle Gerrity and Scott Kolb. Slader is a website and mobile application that has dozens of textbooks and answer sheets embedded in it. The company allows free access to students regarding their homework queries. After the student has submitted their question, the educators working at Slader provide the solution. Educators also explain how they solve the problem and how they reached that solution. 

The website acts as an educational and interactive social networking medium for the students. The website opens room for students to interact with each other and help their friends by solving each other’s queries. The student interaction approach resulted in giving the company a lot of popularity. The website also allows you to post answer keys, handwritten notes, and questions from the popular textbooks.

Even parents can have access to the website and help their children with homework without any hurdles. Each answer is sent with proof of accuracy and this feature attracts a lot of users to the website.

In 2012, Slader mainly focused on technical subjects like math and science. The humanities-related subjects were added to the website in 2015. Slader in 2018 introduced the flashcard quiz system where students could test themselves and their friends on the site. 

Though Slader acts like a helping hand to a lot of students. The website has some limitations and that’s why it is necessary to know about Slader alternatives. 

Slader Limitations and Controversies

The company was started with a mission to give all children free access to quality education. Slader indeed offers free access to the solutions, but their website has a heavy Ad-presence to generate money. However, showing students numerous ads while studying acts as a big distraction and affects their concentration abilities. A user needs to buy the premium version of the website for an Ad-free educational experience. 

Slader just displays solutions to any question and the educators do not focus on teaching that method to the student. The following process has been termed as cheating by many schools and parents as well. Schools advocate that the website should teach students how to reach the solution rather than just display the solution straight. 

Slader acts as a student’s social networking site, which means that a student could be in touch with strangers online. This issue is a concern for many parents as the cybercrime rates are going up day by day. Parents have raised concerns regarding their child’s privacy and security against this interactive website. Many authors have also raised plagiarism issues and complained against Slader against the misusing of their work. 

15 Slader Alternatives | (Sites Like Slader)

Now that we know it all about the Slader and how the website works. We can see you are all excited to learn about some fantastic Slader alternatives. So without taking much of your time, let us come straight to the point. (Best Slader Alternative)

Chegg is an America based digital educational website. Chegg was founded in 2005 by the collective efforts of Aayush Phumbhra, Osman Rashid and Josh Carlson. The company provides both digital and physical form textbooks on rent and sale as well. Any student can go, create a profile on Chegg and choose to sell or buy books. 

The website covers a subject range for students from all grades, school boards, countries and ages. Chegg certified tutors teach both technical and non-technical subjects. The website teaches computers, engineering, commerce and humanities. Apart from teaching these subjects, Chegg has a separate section titled Math Solver for solving mathematics-related questions of students. Chegg provides its enrolled students a lot of additional facilities. Students get homework solutions, answers from experts, video lessons, grammar checkers for essays and practice papers to test their knowledge.  

Lumen Learning

Founded in 2012, lumen learning was designed by Carnegie Mellon University. The website works on the OER policy. Open Educational Resources are the resources that are available for public use for teaching, learning and researching. Lumen learning’s OER work on 5R principle; Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and Redistribute knowledge. 

The lumen learning works on a mission to enable affordable quality education for students worldwide. The website offers a huge range of courses to its students. One can study Business, Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences and Transitional Studies. Apart from these courses, this Slader alternative also offers teachings on American cultural and governmental studies and foreign languages.

Symbolab is a math education tool developed in 2011 under the Israeli company Eqsquest. The website allows users to solve math topics using mathematical symbols and arithmetic questions. It provides step by step solutions to algebraic, trigonometric and calculus problems for students of all classes. 

Symbolab offers its students an in-built calculator that can solve equations, integrals, derivatives, tangent, trigonometric equations, etc. The website works to make mathematical content universally accessible by students of all grades and countries. If you are somebody who is scared by dancing numbers of maths then Symbolab is for you. The company puts in efforts to make the math simpler.

Barnes & Noble Education, Inc developed the educational website It identifies itself as a student success hub and works with a mission to elevate student’s lives through education. is a 24*7 hours active website. The website promises students to answer their questions within one hour. Bartley is also subjected as one of the best Slader alternatives considering the subscription plan and a wide variety of data.

Bartleby’s website has been divided into three different sections for clarity of the students; Bartleby learn, Bartleby write and Bartleby research. Bartleby Learn offers students solutions from various textbooks, online libraries and subject experts. Bartleby Write is your one-stop solution for writing assignments and papers. It provides spelling and grammar checks, plagiarism checks, and bibliography facilitation.

Just like any other Slader alternative, HomeWorkMarket is specifically designed for doing our writing assignments. The process of registration is pretty easy. The website can be easily accessed by a non-technical person. Students are just required to register themselves on the website and upload their writing assignments. 

They accept everything from an article, essay, or even a short story. The platform is also open to math problems. You can entail the services of the website through an auction process. After you have posted your work, you will receive messages from the website’s writers. They will send their price for completing your task within the deadline. The student that means you get to decide the writer for your article and the price. 


Jiskha homework publishes educational content online and provides online tutoring services to the students. The homework help forum has over two-hundred writers and subject experts who answer the students’ queries. The website also has certified personal teachers who guide teachers about the topics of questions and concerns.

However, the response time of companies is slow as compared to other websites. The students get their answers in a period of a few days. Jiskha Homework Help forum covers subjects like; math, science, English, and social studies. Students from any branch of study can find their solutions here.  

Fact Monster

The fact monster website is created by Infoplease and owned by Pearson. Fact Monster came into existence in 1998 and has been helping students ever since. This website is specially designed for kids and works with a motto to make learning fun. The website has a lot of knowledgeable content which is verified by their subject experts rather than outside users. 

You get access to an encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, a homework help center, and educational games through fact monster. Their most attractive feature is the animations and graphics used in the lessons. The website is certified by COPPA and kidSAFE and thus, trusted by both parents and teachers for their young children. 


Refdesk is a scholastic and research website that was founded by the contributions of Bob Drudge in 1995. It has been handled by Margaret Otto since 2017. It is a free and user-friendly website that works by viewing, assorting and reviewing various data from the educational internet resources. 

RefDesk has a collection of information, blogs, articles, and facts from all over the world. RefDesk has it all, from the tips and tricks regarding some new technological equipment to online tutorials. Users are allowed to ask questions and post answers. All the solutions posted are checked and referenced by the RefDesk experts. 

The company also has a lot of positivity for its users; you get to see new thoughts every morning. Students and parents can even subscribe to their mailbox and newsletters to get daily facts. 


Quizlet is a mobile application designed for study purposes. Quizlet was created in 2005 by Californian citizen Andrew Sutherland. Quizlet let its registered students decide their mode of learning and studying. Quizlet offers six different and psychologically healthy methods for students to choose from and begin their knowledge. The six ways are; flashcards, gravity, write, speller, match, and live. 

The flashcard method shows digital cards to the students. It can be an image, word or both. In gravity mode, students get to enhance their concentration abilities as well. The write mode lets students use their creativity and write their definitions from previously learned chapters. Speller checks spellings of the words. Match is like a test, the students get definitions in scattered forms and the student is asked to match them. Finally, in the live mode a teacher from Quizlet takes the video lecture and helps students by clearing their doubts. 

Coursehero| One of the most famous Slader Alternatives

Coursehero was founded by Andrew Grauer in 2006. The website is home to more than 40 million course materials. The website has more than 37000 educators and teachers from the U.S. and Canada. 

Apart from giving study materials and teaching students online, Coursehero also allows its enrolled students to avail scholarships. The Hero Student Scholarship gives scholarships to students who face economic crises during their college years. is founded by Adrian Ridner and Ben Wilson. It started with an aim to make knowledge flexible, affordable, and personalized for the students. The website helps students with their homework and assignments through animated educational videos. It works on microlearning and the students can set the progress bar according to them. 

Apart from helping students with their home assignments, the website also makes test papers to assess students’ learning. There are many online counseling programs available to students. Students can take the help from these programs and decide their future career paths. is one of the most recommended Slader Alternatives as it helps students by paying off their college credits.

eNotes is a knowledgeable website that was created for students in 1998 by Brad Satoris and Alexander Bloomingdale. It acts as an interactive medium for students and teachers. The website provides study material for students to help them complete their assignments and study for exams.

Compared to other contemporary websites that just focus on maths and science, eNotes concentrates mainly on literature and history. The website has an active chat portal where students can ask their academic-related queries from the educators. The website connects over 1000 teachers, educators and contributors to the students. A website namely claims it as one of the most trusted websites by the students. 


Sparknotes came into existence by the efforts of Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, Chris Coyne, and Eli Bolotin. The website of Sparknotes is owned by Barnes & Noble. Sparknotes was launched in 1999. In the start, the website only covered a few subjects like; literature, history, film studies, and philosophy. 

The educational site has increased its subject range and now provides students study guides for all subjects. One can get study materials for biology, chemistry, economics, health, math, physics, and sociology including all other humanities subjects. Sparknotes it’s free for its users and generates revenue by advertising. 


Quizizz was created in 2015 by two young Indian teachers Ankit Gupta and Deepak Joy Cheenath. Quizizz is a network of 10 million students and teachers and is used by 1 in 2 U.S. schools. Quizizz is an interactive website where students can create quizzes and puzzles for each other. Even teachers are allowed to create exam papers and puzzles which are presented as daily challenges to the students. 

After solving quizzes, students are sent their assessment reports which can be downloaded and saved for future comparisons. Students are even allowed to customize their quiz platforms so that they can study comfortably in their personalized environment. 


Last but not least, Shmoop was founded in 2009. The company derives its name from the Yiddish language and its means to move something forward a bit. As the name suggests, the company’s motto is to provide learning and education to students in a creative way. Shmoop covers a wide range of subjects. You can study art, music, literature, English, math, science and social studies. Apart from these subjects, Shmoop also provides study material on creative content writing and courses for online exam preparations. 

All the content posted on Shmoop is verified and posted only by the teachers and Ph.D. scholars. Shmoop has both free access and premium version on its website. However, the free content is limited and only covers a few important study lessons. Premium versions give students access to a 24×7 active chat portal to help in their queries. 

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Closure | Slader Alternatives

As Nelson Mandela said, ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Therefore, to change the world according to our dreams and desires, we must provide the students with quality education.

We believe students are the foundation stones of the future and it is our duty to give students the education they deserve. It should be in the hands of students to choose their study partner and that is why we bought these Slader alternatives to you. Study with what works best for you, learn with what matches your style and grow. 

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TOKYO, JAPAN – MARCH 21: A man watches an anime movie at a gross sales living in some unspecified time in the future of the Anime Japan 2015 expo on March 21, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. AnimeJapan 2015, one in all a actually necessary anime gala’s in Japan, affords traffic entertainment equivalent to stage performances, screenings, workshops, cosplaying areas, and outlets to get rid of distinctive items themed on unusual anime, to promote the change. (Picture by Chris McGrath/Getty Shots)

Resolve skating, by some distance, is one in all most definitely the most refined genres of sports. The sport is, unarguably, fierce, passionate, aggressive, and yet, so intense and total of grace one diagram or the other. It is asserted that beauty is aggressive, so is the game of figure skating. It is a stunning sport and yet, so cutthroat. Here’s what we all learn about Yuri on Ice.

Sport is a pious fabricate of illustration of artistic capabilities of an particular person nonetheless so is the story of Yuri on Ice. One can learn referring to the ardent fabricate of penchant and appreciate in direction of sports from this anime and the devotion in direction of the love of every style. The identical is the chemistry between Yuri K. and Victor, and their proclivity to figure skating.

Is Yuri on Ice on Netflix?

Clearly it does! Netflix provides on the rest that broadens the quotient of “Netflix and relax.” Bringing in a plethora of reveals, films, and all assorted sorts of entertainment to the folks to get rid of from and leaving them on general floor, Japan’s 2017’s most viewed anime would now not bolt off the listing. Netflix streams it and subtly handiest provides to the recognition of the demonstrate thereof.

The platform streams it, albeit, handiest in obvious areas the place it has licensed permission from the fashioned dwelling owners to roll it. For all countries, sooner than Netflix can provide Yuri on Ice, it wants to get rid of the streaming license from the rightful tell dwelling owners of the anime beforehand. Netflix buys the streaming licenses for every plot individually per some criteria appreciate the aim viewers’s wants and the competitors Netflix has with assorted streaming companies and products over streaming ‘Yuri on Ice’.

The platform provider handiest performs the assortment, totally on tale of it has the rights, in Japan.

Will there be a subsequent season?

It has been four years for the reason that first streaming of the first season of the anime nonetheless there has now not been a single gracious note by the manufacturing houses for an upcoming season. Nonetheless, rumors are that there would possibly well most definitely be the next season with the expectation to air in 2022 or 2023.

What’s the anime all about?

Yuri Katsuki, a 23 – twelve months – historical Jap figure skater decides to avoid losing a withhold on his occupation after having second thoughts on his talents and being all cynical about them. Upon returning to his plot of starting up in Kyushu, he goes to meet alongside with his unprejudiced correct friend Yuko. There he mimics the systems of his idol Victor Nikiforov, a Russian figure skating champion. His mimicry became once videotaped secretly and released on the get. Victor comes to one diagram or the other sight the clip and units off to Kyushu intending to educate Yuri K. to return his occupation heading within the correct course.

Downhearted Victor, by then, had forgotten referring to the promise he had made to Yuri Plisetsky, a merely 15 – twelve months historical figure skating prodigy provocative to compete within the Immense Prix assortment. The promise became once to educate the minute man and divulge him a selected routine had he won the junior championships. Yuri P. presumably even did. But Victor had this concept slipped out of his thoughts. Had he remembered any bit of it, he have not got equipped to educate Yuri K. too.

To resolve and reach a conclusion as to whom to educate for the Immense Prix, Victor decides for the 2 of them to compete against every assorted. Each are given to make to a song following the identical melody, withholding assorted meanings. Yuri P. is assigned a song about unconditional love, named: ‘Agape’, at the same time as, Yuri K. became once assigned a song of a sexual style of affection, named: ‘Eros’.

Due to this, Yuri K.’s tale wins and Victor becomes his coach. Yuri P. returns to Russia and the 2 of them originate as much as practice for the Immense Prix.

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